2012 Ahar-Heris-Varzaqan earthquakes

2012 Ahar-Varzaqan earthquakes The 2012 Ahar-Varzaqan earthquakes occurred near the city of Ahar, East Azerbaijan Province, in northwestern Iran on August 11, 2012, at 16:53 Iran Standard Time (UTC+03:30). The pair of destructive earthquakes were rated at 6.4. and 6.3, and were separated by eleven minutes. The epicenter of the earthquake was reported to be 60 kilometers (37 miles) from Tabriz.At least 300 people died and more than 2,600 others injured, primarily in the rural and mountainous areas to the northeast of Tabriz, though 45 deaths occurred in the city of Ahar. The earthquake could be felt in Armenia and Azerbaijan but no major damage or injuries were reported there.

Iran is prone to frequent severe earthquakes because several major fault lines cross the country. It suffered devastating quakes in 2003 and 1990 that killed 26,000 and 40–50,000 people, respectively.

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